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Chocolate wholemeal delicias

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Delicious biscuits made with wholegrain cereals without added sugars. A tasty and healthy option for those times of day when you fancy something sweet.


• They are prepared with wholegrain cereals and chocolate, providing the nutrients and energy needed for optimal performance.
• Without added sugars.
• They are a good source of fibre (4.9 %).
• They are made with vegetable oils (sunflower and olive oil) containing 10.5% oleic acid, typical of the Mediterranean diet.
• Enriched with folic acid that helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue, and contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system and the growth of mother´s tissues during pregnancy.
• Made without preservatives or colouring.
• Suitable for vegetarians.

PRESENTATION: 175g bag (approximately 36 biscuits).

Our advice Flavourfull healthy eating

Whole Delicias with Chocolate are ideal biscuits for eating at any time of the day. They are perfect for lovers of sweet foods and chocolate who want to enjoy themselves while taking care of their health. Three biscuits contain approximately 10g of carbohydrates.