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Corn muffins gluten-free

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A tender, smooth and tasty muffin with its traditional texture that provides great pleasure.

Ideal for breakfast or a snack on a gluten-free diet. And also to make pudding.


  • They are made with ingredients that by their nature do not contain gluten.
  • They are suitable for celiacs and are certified by the European “Crossed Spike” License System (ELS).
  • They do not contain milk and therefore do not have lactose or milk proteins.
  • Contain egg


Individually packaged to favor their conservation and facilitate to take them to school, work or anywhere.

PACKAGING: 180g BAG (with 6 individually packed units)

Our advice Flavourfull healthy eating

Gluten is a protein present in some cereals, especially wheat, rye, barley and, to a lesser extent, oats. If you suffer from celiac intolerance, you’ll know that following a gluten-free diet is not easy in an environment where wheat is the most widely consumed and used cereal. DIET Rádisson offers you a full range of gluten-free products to make your life easier.