Bread and cakes

Organic corn cakes

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Try them and find out why you’ll love ORGANIC CORN CAKES DIAT Rádisson:

  • Made from puffed corn these cakes are very digestible and fill that gap between meals.
    • Our cakes are made from ECOLOGICALLY FARMED PRODUCE grown using no chemical fertilisers or pesticides.
    • They are very light, digestible, with very low fat content; each one only contains 32 kcal, helping you to watching your weight.
    • They do not contain gluten and are suitable for people with gluten intolerance or for those who want to reduce their consumption. Certified by the European Licensed System “Crossed Spike” (ELS).
  • They are suitable for vegans.
    • 0% cholesterol.
    • They contain no colouring or preservatives.


Our advice Flavourfull healthy eating

Did you know that corn is very rich in carbohydrates (starch) and fibre and is one of the best foods for calming your appetite? Don’t think twice, if you feel like a tasty snack between meals, have two CORN CAKES DIAT Rádisson. A low calories pleasure!