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Raspberry-filled wafers

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Delicious and light filled wafers, elaborated with delicious layers of crisp wafer and soft filling of raspberry cream. You will be surprised by their fresh and original flavour.


• Do not contain added sugar.
• Their sweet flavour comes from the sweeteners (maltitol and sucralose).
• They do not contain salt and the ingredients are very low in sodium.
• They are apt for vegetarians.

PRESENTATION: Packet of 100g

Our advice Flavourfull healthy eating

Raspberry-filled wafers are the perfect treat for those that want something sweet for a snack, or for a dessert after lunch or dinner, but don’t want to have sugar. Thank to their exquisite raspberry filling, they are very pleasant on the palate.

You can create an original and delicious dessert if you use them with ice cream or dairy desserts.